Custom Harley-Davidson Painting

We are always asking "What does a nice paint job cost?" and "How Long will it take?".
Quality really has no cost. As you put your time into building your bike, most
people forget the painters.  When it comes time to paint, you have spent all the
money for your add-ons: wheels, motor, chrome and so on. Even though that all
counts, the painting is what most folks will see first and appreciate the most.  So take care of the painters, make sure you get what you want before the money is spent.
What is your first complaint about motorcycle painters? Well, they take too long,
sometimes longer then they should. Here our turn around time is two to four weeks.  We are a paint shop only. We do not assemble/remove your parts on/off your motorcycle for you.  That is left entirely up to the customer.  This way we can get to what we do best, paint motorcycles.  We only specialize in Harley-Davidson motorcycles, as we offer an exchange program for most pre painted parts.
We take pride in our work and treat all work as it is our own. All parts are striped
down to bare metal then our intensive process begins, and we use only the highest
quality materials.


Below is a price list of different paint jobs which we offer.

Harley-Davidson Solid Colors   
Sportster 3 pieces Starting @  $600.00 & up
Harley-Davidson Solid Colors  
All Other Styles 4 pieces Starting @  $900.00 & up
Harley-Davidson Candy Colors   
Sportster 3 pieces Starting @  $800.00 & up
Harley-Davidson Candy Colors   
All Other Styles 4 pieces Starting @  $1100.00 & up
Harley-Davidson Custom Graphics & Art    
All Other Styles 3 & 4 pieces
Starting @  $1200.00 & Up
We also have used factory Harley-Davidson Tanks And Fenders
*For Sale* Contact us for more imformation

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Our  Policy
Our first hand recommendation for shipment is  UPS  as we have sent many tanks, fenders and other painted parts with no loss or damage. Our payment method is as follows: At time of shipment we require 50% deposit of total cost and upon completion balance is to be paid in full. We accept cash, cashier check or money order only. Any further information is needed, please contact us at our E-Mail address.
Phone: 941-720-5730
Fax: 941-896-9287
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